To Alsace and back – Day 1

Vive la France

6th October
We are on our way to France.

Now that is not such an earth shattering statement – but – it is our first ever trip abroad in Hilma! Excited and nervous after lots of planning, trying to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s we are finally on our way. We initially tried to look at going through ‘le chunnel‘ but Hilma (close your ears now Hilma) is too big and heavy! Despite being a B544 she weighs in at a hefty 4 tonne gross weight (previous owners had it rated at this weight in order to carry a motorbike on the rear) and therefore she would have to travel with all those huge, commercial, smelly lorries. Well we weren’t having that! So ferry it is – 7 hours later we arrive just outside Dover for our trip tomorrow morning.
And so we ended up at Black Horse Farm CC site, booked in advance, about 20 mins from Dover ferry port. As this was our first time venturing abroad we wanted to make our first day or two as easy as possible – you know what you are going to get with a Caravan Club site.
Off we tootle to the pub for an early meal (making it easy again) washed down with a pint of Cornwall’s Doom Bar ale. The fish & chips were magnificent at the Black Horse Inn 5 minutes from the site. On the way we met ‘Molly’ the border terrier, a smaller version of our sadly missed Raggs, making us think we need to get another one. We probably will, we just wanted some time in Hilma without having to worry about a four legged companion for a while.
Let’s see how we get on in France first.
Early start, early to bed and I’ll update this tomorrow.

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