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France 2024 – Days 7 & 8

Day 7 & 8 – Coulon – 13th & 14th May,2024

Our first full day at ‘La Venice Vert’ campsite and so we decide to stroll the 2km into Coulon along the river. A very pleasant walk indeed, the river flowing slowly by, gentlemen fishing, cyclists passing us by, plenty of ‘bonjours’ and ‘monsieur/dames en route exchanging pleasantries. Stopped for a coffee and watched the world go by, visited the church and lit a candle in memory of some people dear to us that have sadly passed.

Eglise de la Sainte-Trinite (Coulon)

We looked at taking a boat tour but decided to head to the Tourist Information instead. Here we booked a ticket for a tour of the Marais Poitevin (an area covering 110,000 sq. hectares in which Coulon sits) museum. Very interesting with a film of its history and a guide to answer questions. Fascinatingly unique area incorporating huge variety of farming (needed to feed the country) conflicting with the environmental issues that are worldwide. Lunch was a typical French affair, slow and generally of good quality – overdid it a bit with the massive ice cream, but hey, we are on holiday. Stroll back along the river and a sit in the late afternoon sunshine.

River Sevre - Coulon

Boats for hire – Coulon

Coulon pigeonaire behind the museum

The following morning, I set out on the bike to collect some provisions, lovely sunny start, wet finish. This was to be the order of the day, heavy intermittent showers and sunshine. We are still under the weather (pardon the pun) and would find it difficult to take a long bike ride just yet. Around 4 o’clock the weather improved and so we set off on a short circular walk to avoid cabin fever. This further heightened our frustration of not being able to get out on the bikes as this is perfect cycling country. C’est la vie. An evening meal at the campsite restaurant was passable, very lively with 50+ walkers that are staying on the site. Chatted amiably with an English couple who used to stay on this site but have given up caravanning and are staying at a local Auberge before continuing to the Dordoigne.

River Sevre Niortaise – Coulon