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France 2024 – days 16 & 17

Day 16 Wine, wine and more wine – 23rd May, 2024
We stayed overnight (free) at the ‘Domain Tatin’ and decided to sample their wares this morning before leaving. We always spend quite a bit on wine in France as the quality for the same price point compared to our UK supermarkets is generally better (but always better to taste first). So our ‘free’ night really cost us €60 but we came away with some Reuilly and Quincy white wine from the locale whilst still in the Berry Region. Not satisfied with already having bought 20 bottles of wine from 2 different locations we head for another ‘Cave’ at Mont-Pres-Chambourd nearer to the ACSI camp site stay at La Val Blois on the Loire. Another dozen bottles left the wallet a bit thinner, we swore NO MORE WINE PURCHASES before going home.

Sunset over the fields at Domaine Tatin

All alone at Domaine Tatin (how we like it sometimes – actually, quite often)