To Alsace & back – Days 10 & 11

Rocroi to Embrey – 15th October

The last of our Kugelhopf was consumed at exactly 13:55hrs today. What the heck am I going to enjoy now?
On a more sobering thought we stopped en-route today just outside Arras where there was a British Cemetery dedicated to the fallen in the First World War.

First World War British cemetery at Duisanes, nr Arras

Many, many people have visited these special sites over the years, many, many tourist, motor-homers and residents cannot help but be moved by these beautifully manicured spaces of remembrance. Although sad, they are a fitting reminder of our past and worthy of an occasional visit to show our respect, also to remind us about the horrors of war. So many, so young, so sad – I do not know of anyone in our family who fought in either the first or second world war, yet I shed a tear for these brave young men, not only British, there were boys and men from all over the commonwealth and respectfully German graves as well. More than 3000 people are buried here, this a tiny plot given by the locals as a token of their respect for helping to liberate their country.

I do not know this person or their family – I just thought it fitting to remember him. Maybe at some future date I’ll look into his history.

I hope this is not an intrusion for the family.

Nothing I can add

Onward to Embrey – today was a 150 mile drive, I’m beginning to think this is about my limit when driving in France. Janette did offer to drive for which I am very grateful, I just prefer driving than being a passenger. Embrey is a wonderful little aire, about 50 miles from Calais. We came across the first British motor-homers, David & Joyce who were on their way home after a 10 week European trip which included Croatia. Seasoned travellers.
When we left Rocroi we tried to fill up with water from the Urba Flux point – what a nonsense, two euro’s stolen from the card and still no water came out. This was the first time we had attempted to use the service point at an aire, before we came away I was worried about these things – this did not fill us with confidence, however, we had plenty of bottled water, so was not really a problem. When we arrived at Embrey there was a ‘Fot Bleu’ machine so we gave this a go – much easier, a machine to dispense ‘Jetons’ bought with our euro loaded card, pop the jeton into the machine and hey – ho, easy peasy, we had some water.

Ferry back to UK – 16th October

Because we were only about 50 miles away and our ferry was at 14:00hrs we took a slow drive along the coast from Bologne to Calais. Neither of us had driven this before and it was an absolute joy. Such a change to hammering down the ‘peage’ worrying about getting to the ferry on time.
A beautiful day – gave Hilma a last drink of French Gazole, we then topped up our tummy’s with some pain-au-raisin as we stopped overlooking La Manche in glorious sunshine. We had never stayed in this region before and were very surprised by the diversity – just inland rolling hills and valleys whilst within a few miles dunes and beaches, definitely worth a couple of days stopover in the future. There I go, planning what to do next. Well I think at the end of a holiday that is a normal thing to do. We are already thinking about Ireland, Brittany and the Camargue – how are we going to fit it all in?
We will!

2 thoughts on “To Alsace & back – Days 10 & 11

  1. Hi .

    Why did you choose that specific Hymer 544.?
    I am looking for a second hand one which it seems to be difficult to get hold of a good one ,now these days . That is why I would like to know your opinion about your purchase.

    Kind regards


    1. Michael,
      I apologise for the late reply. We have been very happy with our purchase of Hilma – she has lived up to all our expectations. Why a B544? Well, we had decided to look at motorhomes in general, had no idea what we wanted when we first started looking. We went to a couple of shows, looking online, etc. We eventually saw a used Hymer at the Stratford Motorhome show on display from Bundesvan. It was a little outside our budget but we got talking to Bob & Sue (owners of Bundesvan) and they described the different layouts. We didn’t want to mess around making beds up every night so the over cab drop down bed was the first thing that was a must. Left hand drive was also a consideration as we wanted to do some european travelling but it wasn’t high on the list. We wanted a quality van that was not going to let us down. The rest was just working around that. Space for both of us was important – not to feel cramped. The Hymers have an amazing build quality nad when we eventually sourced one on a German internet site (I think the link is on one of the menu pages) we contacted Bundesvan as they operate a viewing and report service (fee based). They go over, make an appointment to view on your behalf and give you a verbal report on which you must make a decision to buy or not. They also have motorhomes on their own website. Give them a call and have a chat with them – they are very helpful.

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