The naming of the beast

How we arrived at ‘Hilma’

Having purchased our first motorhome, protocol seemed to dictate that we should name it. But how does one name something that hasn’t even been physically seen yet? Well starting from the ground up, our Hymer was built and lived in Germany so it seemed obvious to start with a German name. Gender? mmmm… let’s go with female, don’t know why, no rhyme or reason, or perhaps subconsciously acknowledging the stronger sex? No comments please 🙂

Feed in female German names to Google – look for the meaning of the names. Protection or Strong were contenders and wanted something beginning with ‘H’. Looking down the list we came across the obvious: –

  • Heidi (noble, kind)
  • Helga (pious)
  • Hildegarde (warrior)

and then out it popped Hilma (protective) – perfect. Looking deeper into the name it seems it is also a shortened version of Wilhelmine (resolute protector) which was Ian’s grandmother’s name – it was meant to be.
And so ‘Hilma the Hymer’ was born (well not quite as she was 15yrs old). To add some weirdness to all this naming malarkey when we finally got to meet her (and that’s another story) she actually had 2 faux metal stickers on the inside rear door –


– now is that weird or what? Further evidence that it was meant to be.

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