Our 2nd trip to Amsterdam

Tiptoe through the tulips – Nederlands: 17th May – day 12 Lots of photo’s but no words yet – will update soonest – still have muscle issues I don’t want to make worse. Well it is now 3 months since I last updated the Dutch trip section of Hilma’s blog. Strange that my right arm […]

Dalfsen, Vilsteren, trucks & windmills

Smurfs – the greatest hits……go on, I dare you! Cycling day – Dalfsen & Vilsteren: 12th May – Day 7 Using the Dutch ‘Node Network’ of cycle paths we planned a route that would take us to Dalfsen and back, to see how far it was. There were a couple of windmills (Molen) on the […]

When it’s spring again……

When it’s spring again we’ll sing again……tulips from Amsterdam Hoping for the best to Eastermeer: 10th May – day 5 I think this one was a Max Bygraves special? Today was a traveling day, we left the Op Hoop Van Zagan to other campers ‘Hoping for the Best’ – don’t get me wrong there was […]

I saw a mouse……………

I saw a mouse, where? There on the stairs, right there… Off to the beach: 8th May Another of those ‘old classics’ from the Ed Stewpot era kept creeping into my head every time I passed a windmill – and no, I haven’t taken the classic tourist photo of one yet. Our original plan for […]

Tiptoe through the Tulips……….

Tiptoe through the tulips…………… Netherlands: 6th May Some of you may recall that infamous song made famous by Tiny Tim (6’ 2”) in 1968 – for those hipsters reading this…. What the hell is he talking about …. Google it! Off we go again in Hilma – last time we were out it was -3°C […]