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Scotland 2023 – Days 4-5 Archerfield, Dirleton & Gullane

Day 4 & 5 – Archerfield Estate and Gullane
Bikes off Hilma and we set off down the road for a short ride to the Archerfield Estate, Janette had read about an acre of walled garden to view. Upon arrival it was clear that this is a big operation, regenerative farming practice, farm shop, gift shop, restaurant (good local food), golf course (yet another), spa and accommodation. It not only looked expensive, it was, but quality and luxury.
Some great flowering spaces for wildlife in the walled garden all looked after by 2 gardeners and 7 volunteers. My question is; “why use volunteers when the whole place smacks of money?”. With all respect to the volunteers of course because they will enjoy it (and probably get some free coffee and meals).


A purple geranium in the walled garden at Archerfield

We cycled back along the John Muir way along rough tracks and on our way stopped off at Dirleton Kirk then through fields and trees and even got stuck in some sand. A good test for Janette’s new electric Dutch style back with a 500W Bosch motor assist. Now she beats me to the top of the hills!

Dirleton Kirk - modern stain glass

Dirleton Kirk – modern stain glass – so unusual it deserved an image

Dirleton Kirk - reclaimed stain glass window

Dirleton Kirk – reclaimed stain glass window – I thought the colours are amazing and so took the picture

Gullane was a very different ride, all along quiet back roads and eventually into the town staying off the main drag. Dropping down to the beach area we were hungry and could only see an ice cream van, not very sustaining after a bike ride! Cycling back up the small hill into town we came across a fantastic Italian gelato ice cream shop. One panini, a cannelloni and 2 superb Italian ice creams later we were sated. More golf courses in Gullane and more Americans. I decide to find out how much a round would be. So if you have plenty of dosh to spend for 4 hours it is £220 (£250 at weekends), I asked if that included a caddy, I received a strange look and was told a caddy was extra at £55 per round PLUS (emphasised) gratuities. Basically if you played at the weekend with a caddy in tow you could kiss goodbye to the better part of £350 if you throw in some food and drinks. Now any golfers reading this (probably very few) might raise an eyebrow at my intended surprise, but I am mean by nature (read as: tight git). When I played golf some years back at Cradoc nr Brecon (lovely course) £350 was my annual membership! Hey ho.