Ommen, getting lost and garden sculptures

I’ve now run out of Dutch songs……. Another cycling day – Ommen & back: 13th May – Day 8 Eurovision – did you see it? We didn’t but looking at the news app this morning (which we shouldn’t because we are on holiday) we found out that there had been some kind of protest whilst […]

Dalfsen, Vilsteren, trucks & windmills

Smurfs – the greatest hits……go on, I dare you! Cycling day – Dalfsen & Vilsteren: 12th May – Day 7 Using the Dutch ‘Node Network’ of cycle paths we planned a route that would take us to Dalfsen and back, to see how far it was. There were a couple of windmills (Molen) on the […]

I saw a mouse……………

I saw a mouse, where? There on the stairs, right there… Off to the beach: 8th May Another of those ‘old classics’ from the Ed Stewpot era kept creeping into my head every time I passed a windmill – and no, I haven’t taken the classic tourist photo of one yet. Our original plan for […]