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France 2024 – Off again!

Leaving at last – 6th May, 2024
I’m not going to bang on about how long we have waited for this trip but when I looked at our booking we had cancelled and rescheduled 5 times! Bloody hell France better be as good as it normally is. We have had some set backs health wise and the latest was a viral cough causing us to delay by 10 days and cut the trip short. Enough of the misery, let’s get on with the travel blog.

Portsmouth Harbour

Leaving Portsmouth

Day 1 – Ploemeur, Brittany. – 7th May, 2024

One of the last on the ferry at Portsmouth, one of the first off at St.Malo, hurrah! We decided not to push too far as we are still coughing and spluttering our way through the days. Generally, we like to drive around 4 hours in the day with a break in the middle. This means we can get a reasonable distance on ‘N’ & ‘D’ roads without getting too tired, however the last 3 weeks have taken its toll with lack of sleep, so it was a great relief when we arrived at one of the 3 Aires near Ploemeur. 500 yards from a wonderful beach the site took 10 motorhomes and when we arrived there were only 3 spaces left at 3.00pm. A popular site.
A late afternoon walk on the beach was definitely the right thing to recover from the drive, golden to white sand that crunched under the feet, a light wind and, oh yes, that gold thing in the sky that had been missing from our lives for so long.

Beach, Golden Sand, Cloudy skies, Sea

Wonderful beach at Ploemeur

Day 2 – Middle of nowhere, Brittany – 8th May, 2024

A great night sleep for both of us put us back on track but a late start meant a slight change of plan, what the hell, we can in a motorhome. We always have plan A, plan B and sometimes plan C when we are looking where to go just in case our first choice looks rubbish when we get there. Today we are going to use the France Passion book (motorhome stopovers on farms, vineyards and artisan producers) staying north of Nantes near Guenrouet (translates in English to ‘middle of nowhere’).
Originally, we were going to head for the coast until we found out there were two French bank holidays (VE Day & Ascension Day) and it seemed like the whole of Nantes was heading to the coast.
Frustratingly en route we stopped for fuel and our ‘Euro Cards’ which are supposed to work where Mastercard are accepted were declined – what’s the point of loading a Euro Card if they don’t work? A good decision by us to go inland as the queues on the main roads were horrendous. And so we arrived at our destination feeling smug, somewhat tired, but on the road to recovery.

Old Thresher

Outside Monsieur Seignard’s agricultural Museum – Thresher

Old agricultural hay cart

Inside Monsieur Seignard’s agricultural Museum – Hay cart

1934 - Peugot 301

Inside Monsieur Seignard’s agricultural Museum – 1934 Peugot 301 – his pride and joy

Passion Flower and Map

An appropriate picture having stopped at Monsieur Seignard’s ‘France Passion’ stopover