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Scotland – island hopping 2022 – Days 1 – 2

Back in the old girl – 6th May, 2022
We are back in the old girl again (sorry Hilma but we must face facts – none of us are getting any younger). Boy it feels good, so much lost time in the past 24 months. Having said that we are in better place than many other people throughout the world, I think the impact of Covid-19 is still to take its full effect and now we have some mad Russian killing, maiming and bombing innocent civilians – and we call ourselves a civilised world – bollocks. Please excuse my language but it deserves strong words. Words of course do not help the Ukrainians or any other persecuted societies. Rant over, but I had to get it off my chest.
The future for Janette and I (and Hilma) is a real game changer, having both planned to retire 12mths ago there were various issues that blocked us from achieving it. Now though, we are relatively free. I say relatively, because we are both being retained on a consultancy basis, but we can see a clearer road ahead and many more ‘Adventures in a B544’ the A713
We decided that we would start our ‘retirement’ by traveling to our beloved Scotland. I say ‘our Scotland’, we are not Scots but we love the place, this is our 4th trip back and I’m sure it will not be our last.

Penrith – 6th May, 2022
We had decided this holiday would be a kind of decompression for us after the last 2 years of hoping to finish work earlier. Rather than driving all the way to Largs in Scotland (our next destination) we decide to split the journey and stop at Penrith. Pulling off the motorway to get some fuel we were immediately in a traffic jam due to a local fire. Eventually after navigating the queues successfully and after paying the most we ever paid to fill Hilma (£107.55 – thanks Putin!), we made our way to a lovely quiet site. Good stopping off point for those going way up into the highlands of Scotland.

Penrith to Largs – 7th May, 2022
Not ones for taking the motorway if we can help it (unless needing to get some miles under our belts) we took the cross-country route from Dumfries to Largs. Always a joy driving through the Scottish countryside, and we were not disappointed, the A713 from New Galloway to Ayr is a great road (especially for motorbikes). We arrived at Largs Yacht Haven – probably our most expensive CL site ever at £32 and promptly treated ourselves to spending more money at the bar – £7.50 for a pint and a half! Not really moaning as the facilities are second to none with water on tap next to each Motorhome spot (they do not take caravans) and immaculate washrooms and showers. A walk into Largs for fish and chips and ate them on a promenade bench. The evening was spent watching Gannets feed and a wonderful setting sun.

One of our favourite seabirds – the Gannet

Managed to capture a nice shot of a Gannet just after feeding

A glorious sunset from Largs Yacht Haven – the land in the distance is the Isle of Bute