Onward to Nuremburg

So the story continues about how we sourced ‘Hilma the Hymer’ (B544)…..

Having identified on the mobile.de site a suitable candidate we rang Bob & Sue at Bundesvan. They offer a service (fee based) where they will go and check the motorhome for you. They spend at least 2 hours inspecting it and then ring you with a comprehensive verbal report (warts and all).

They were off out to Germany the very next week, and although a little out of their way, they drove from Stuttgart to Nuremburg to view our prospective purchase. Upon arrival it was clear that viewing and potential negotiation would be a ‘trifle’ difficult as the dealer was Turkish, spoke German but not English.

Bob & Sue rang with their verbal report – they said for a van of it’s age it was in remarkable condition, yes there were some things wrong (identified on a list they read out) and it was a couple of years outside their normal purchase era, but overall a good report.
Did we want it? That was the next BIG question!

Did we want it? (note the use of the word ‘it’) – of course ‘it’ is an inanimate object, which strictly speaking Hilma is (more on naming her later). Ummmmm…., Errrrrr…., big decision. Need to speak to Janette, can’t keep Bob & Sue hanging on in Nuremburg drinking Turkish coffee all day. Can’t get hold of Janette…. don’t panic Mr.Mainwearing, don’t panic.


Decision made, rang Bob & Sue within 10 minutes, they put a deposit on and she was ours (what had I done?, no turning back). So what next, I know, let’s go and collect it ourselves as part of the whole adventure. Great idea – NOT.

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