France 2024 – Days 5 & 6

Day 5 – Chef Boutonne – 11th May,2024
We were quite sad to leave the Mercier vineyard, we could easily have stayed there another day but that is not the ethos of Passion France and it deserves our respect.

Morning at the vineyard

So where too now? We look at our destination for the 12th May (Coulon) which will be a long stay for us (6 days) and decide not to ‘wander’ far today. Because we were able to fill our water tank and empty our loo yesterday, we have some flexibility and decide to try an Aire in a village that has some green space rather than a car park in the middle of a town. Looking at the Aires book France and the map, Chef Boutonne looked a good bet. It was. A glorious green oasis on the side of the small town, a chateau we thought we might visit and a small Intermarche. When we arrived, it was obvious that the French thought the same as us and the site looked full but we were able to sneak in and settle down for the afternoon. Too hot to do anything like visit the small chateau so shade under the trees was the order of the day. A stroll in the early evening to stock up on provisions but couldn’t find any decent bread (the French had pinched it all).

Day 6 – Coulon – 12th May, 2024

We set off early as we wanted to arrive at ‘La Venice Vert’ campsite before it closed for lunch. As it happens, we had plenty of time and passing through Perigne we managed to pick up our pain for the day along with 2 croissants and the obligatory patisserie (yum, yum). It was obvious we would be too early if we carried on without stopping so we fond a layby, popped the kettle on for a coffee and ate one of the very large croissants. This sums up for me the glory of motorhoming in France, you’ll always find a boulangerie & pattiserie and always find a place to stop and enjoy the fruits of your spends.
Arriving at Coulon we were not disappointed; the campsite is small (the way we like it) with plenty of space around the pitches enclosed by small hedges to the sides. We decided to not do anything for the rest of the day as we were still feeling a little pooped after 3 weeks of coughing and limited sleep. On site showers were lovely and clean and a great pick me up before opening one of those bottles from Mercier’s (oh, and not forgetting the patisserie).

River Sevre Niortaise – Coulon

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