France 2024 – days 14 & 15

Day 14 Aubusson to L’Escargot – 21st May, 2024
Another travelling day today – boy we are getting around France (and long may it continue). Having looked at the map we didn’t want a long driving day, we are slowly heading up north towards Blois on the edge of ‘The Loir’. We intend to stay there for 3 nights and attempt some more cycling. In the meantime, we are splitting the journey into a couple of shorter travelling days and today we are heading to a snail farm! Utilising our ‘France Passion’ pass has been fantastic this time around, such variety of stopovers and we hope to buy some snails. We met ‘Madame’ – not a word of English was she able to speak, but that does not matter, we flash our pass, utter some Franglais and all is well for us to stop overnight (free again)! By the time we rose and had petit dejeuner Madame had left and so there was no-one to ask about buying some Escargot – hey ho, never mind we have our own Escargot shell we travel around in.

France Passion stopover – The Snail Farm of ‘Le Jaquin’

Hilma; Our very own snail shell – at the snail farm

Snail shells – put to good use in a garden

Day 15 L’Escargot to Priory D’Orsan – 22nd May, 2024

Friends back home in our village had mentioned we simply must visit a garden in the ‘Berry Region’ called Priory D’Orsan. We could not remember if it was a friend of theirs who was the head gardener or the owner, but we intended to make it known on arrival that we live in the same village as the gardener’s /owner’s friend. Well, what a beautiful place, in the Middle Ages the dual purpose of this monastery was to nourish body and mind. Whilst walking around we were ‘nourished’ in our minds by the garden, so peaceful, so tranquil, this will stay in our minds as a real holiday highlight. The area has many gardens, and we vow (once again) to return to this area and visit many more. On leaving we were presented with 2 bags containing their local drinks, one for us and one for our friends in the village which we happily stow away until we meet on our return. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.
Off again after lunch to another France Passion site, this time another vineyard (I feel another big wine purchase happening).

Priory D’Orsan – The Raised Bed Garden

Priory D’Orsan – The Vegetable Garden

Priory D’Orsan – The Vineyard Garden

Priory D’Orsan – The Pottage Garden

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