France 2024 – Days 11& 12

Day 11 Days of Thunder – 17th May, 2024
Well, we are halfway through our France 2024 trip, and we are once again falling in love with this wonderful country. This is our 6th day at ‘La Venice Vert’ campsite and normally by now we are getting itchy feet to travel onwards and find new adventures. At present though the weather is rather mixed and so we have not been out on the bikes so much, still it gave us the opportunity tto visit the lovely Vouvant yesterday. Today though is the day, weather this morning is fine so off we go initially to Coulon to collect a baguette for lunch. About 2km out of Coulon our route was ‘Barre’ (plenty of those in France) so we decided to head back through Coulon and go a different way. Eventually we made our way into Irleau and lunched on the village green. Heading out of the village we eventually end up in the heart of all the small (and large) canals known as the Marais poitevan. We are on gravel cycle paths and are in awe of the beauty of this area – all we can hear is the rumble of our tyres and the fantastic bird song with the occasional plop of a rising fish.

Cycle path (and some carrs parked for fishing) in Le Marais poitevan

Pretty soon though all we could hear was the rumble of thunder and boy did it rain. We took some cover in the hope it would ease off – no chance, we battled on through the storm and got absolutely soaked to the skin. Oh how we laughed, especially me as my phone was now useless as I had it mounted on the bike in the thunderstorm!

Mr Grumpy – after the rain

Mrs. Hilarious – after the rain

Day 12 The calm after the storm – 18th May, 2024
“Once more into the breach, dear friends” was the battle cry this morning. We were so enamoured with the ride through Le Marais poitevan that we decided to ride back there and get a few photos of which we were denied yesterday due to the storm. We were not disappointed, glorious sunshine followed us, we stayed dry all the way back and lunched in Hilma.

Pollarded trees – typical scene throughout Le Marais poitevan

A gorgeous ‘Venice’ like bridge in ‘The Venice Vert’ (Le Marais poitevan)

A workman’s/fisherman’s/farmer’s hut? in the middle if Le Marais poitevan

Provisions were low so I decided to hop on the bike to the local Super U (3 miles) and get something for the BBQ. Now I’m not sure what the French was for ‘orange squash’ so I gave up on that one. The pork chops barbequed were very tasty indeed.
On our way back from the poitevan we noticed some boats parked on the local canal with some wedding bouquets on the stern, people milling around in their finery and a marquee in a nearby garden – putting 2 and 2 together we guessed it could be a noisy night, we were not wrong! The party was heard on the campsite and was still in full volume well after 3:00am!!

Local wedding punts ready for action

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