Day 2 – Dell Croft CL site

Well a great night’s sleep

….well I had one – Ian didn’t fare so well. Still getting used to everything, temperature was down to 1°C outside so we left the heating on in the Hilma not knowing what to do. Well every now and then the blown air heating would kick in and wake Ian up (I didn’t hear a thing!). Woke up to a chilly 5°C in the van as Ian had had enough at 3 o’clock in the morning and switched (in his words) “…the damn thing off”. Still nice and snuggly inside the quilt! The bed is an up and over cab bed so it was packed away in 30 seconds – marvellous. Heating turned back, temperature up to 17°C within 40mins.
Oh dear…. Ian’s had another spillage!

Cooked breakfast, walked Raggs and the set off at 11:00 for a 7 mile walk up Longwood Warren and Foley Down.

Rape seed in flower

Fowley Down walk

Acres of rape-seed in flower, bluebells in the woods, plenty of Skylarks with the occasional Kestrel. Crossed the South Downs Way – easy walking – 3¾ hrs with a lunch break. Managed to avoid the rain.
Site is lovely and quiet, early morning there are plenty of birds in the garden including Blackcaps and Grey Partridge.

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