Day 1

A tiny CL site outside Owlesbury, Hants.

Well, we are finally on the road and staying at our first site for a sleepover! Raggs (sadly no longer with us) at 16 and feeling very tired. Walked reluctantly with us after which we decided to stroll to the local pub.

Raggs - our Border Terrier

The ‘old boy’ Raggs – sadly no longer with us

Heading off in the ‘general’ direction down the lane, across some fields eventually asking someone mucking out their how to get there – “Closed” came the reply – “has been for 6 months now”. Thwarted at our first attempt of a meal away from Hilma.
Arriving back at Hilma we found Raggs in good health but Ian tripped over his water-bowl, water everywhere, air blue! Well what a day 1 – looking forward to a good sleep.



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