Month: April 2016

Day 3 at Dell Croft CL

Packing up to move!

We both felt it was time to move on and try somewhere different. we were eager to put some miles on Hilma’s tyres! Funny, we thought we would be here for 3 nights but we have ‘itchy feet’.

Raggs taking it easy!

Packing up to move from Dell Croft – lovely as it was.

Toilet talk – the first emptying of ‘the Thetford’ – not a job I was looking forward to, but it turned out to be relatively ‘smell free’. Bob and Sue of Bundesvan had already emptied it for us when they collected it in Germany – goodness only knows how long it had been full sat on the forecourt – Bob you have my sympathies.
We are moving to Devizes, staying on another CL (Caravan Club Location site – 5 vans max) next to the Kennet and Avon Canal.