In the beginning

This is our story and adventures with ‘Hilma’.

Janette and I (Ian) hope you will join us on our new journey as we wander through life with our 15yr old Motorhome. Why Hilma?  Well  the story begins…………….

We had been thinking of alternative holidays to our norm (cottages, gites and villas) based in the same location for about 2 weeks. We talked about barges, caravans and motorhomes as the obvious contenders for about 2 years, but did nothing about it. We thought and talked it through weighing up the pros and cons of each. We eventually fell for a motorhome – in particular a Hymer B544.

Why a Hymer B544? Well we read blogs, magazines, visited shows and spoke to owners. Our decision was finally made when we visited Bob & Sue Le Resche from Bundesvan (a company that sources and imports foreign motorhomes) at the Stratford Motorhome Show (August 2015).

Budget was limited so we knew we would be looking around the 2001-2002 model year. We knew we wanted an A class and so set about searching on (a german website that has plenty of motorhomes to choose from and offers some translation on specs). Eventually after months of looking the right one seemed to come along, a B544, 1 owner from new, 47,000 miles , 2001 with a full service history.

From here on in we were like fish out of water, naivety would get the better of us, but this is not a tale of woe, but one of reality, how acceptance of things that might or might not happen should not deter one from one’s goals.

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